Fahrenheit 451

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Why do people and the governments, who want to control the behavior of others, try to keep ideas away from people? I think it’s because ideas set people free, encourage them to think for them self and keep them from unquestionably following orders. That is why the Nazis burned books that brought into open discussion their ideology. Another thing is Ray Bradbury built on the Nazi story to tell the story of Fahrenheit 451. Burning books is one way that authorities use to control people. Restricting peoples free expression either by burning books forbidding words or making rules that keep People from enjoying physical freedom are other ways two. For an example I am a Skater, and to me freedom means being free to enjoy the exhilarating feeling that Skateboarding gives me. Therefore Fahrenheit 451 is a very personal book to me. Montag met a young lady by the name of Clarisse McClellan she is 17. Montag found her strangely comfortable. They took a walk in the night – Montag asked her aren’t u afraid of me and she said why would I be of afraid of a fireman? Clarisse asked Montag do read you read any of the books you burn – he laughed that’s against the law as he tapped the #451 stitched on his sleeve / Clarisse opened up about her uncle, fire, and jail. Strangely as Montag looked up to the stars and something opened up something about him as a child with his mother in a power failure and how they used their last candle and how