Fahrenheit 451: A Short Story

Words: 1130
Pages: 5

At first the silent class didn’t bother Brittany in the slightest, she just thought that the teacher had finally returned. The dead air began to draw her attention as she continued to read Fahrenheit 451. She marked her place in the book and brought her eyes up, scanning the room around her. The classroom, which was full of animate, chattering teenagers only moments before, was now the scene of what appeared to be a cruel joke. Bodies were strewn across desks and the floor, mouths agape and eyes glassy. Brittany thought nothing of it, used to dumb pranks like this by her classmates.
Minutes ticked by, no one had moved a muscle. Brittany was beginning to feel a twinge of worry. No one would be able to stay still for that long. She hesitantly
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Get up,” she nervously announced as she nudged one of the bodies, someone she recognized as Hunter. He fell onto his back, a look of pure agony written across his face. That was when she began to panic. No one is able to replicate a look like that without meaning it.
She quickly browsed the room before she finally caught sight of her best friend, Cherry. She hurried over to Cherry and fell to her knees beside her ever-cheerful friend. She flipped Cherry over on her back and gasped at the expression on her face. It was one of extreme pain, a look that mimicked Hunter’s. Brittany frantically searched Cherry for a pulse, a heartbeat, a little breath, anything that would show her that this was just a cruel, horrible prank. She came back empty-handed. She bit back a sob as she pushed a lock of Cherry’s notorious red hair behind her ear and cradled Cherry’s head in her lap.
A loud banging from behind her disrupted her mourning. She turned back to see someone looking around, appearing just as confused as she was. She had to make a choice, go with the stranger or stay her with Cherry. She freely let tears stream down her cheeks as she placed a kiss against Cherry’s forehead, a silent