Fahrenheit 451 Change Essays

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Essay- Fahrenheit 451

Topic Sentence: Everyone undergoes change in their life, whether it is beneficial or not.

Expand: Some can be life changing, while others can be life threatening.

Literary Information: In Ray Bradbury’s science fiction novel, Fahrenheit 451,

Lead into Thesis: Montag, the protagonist, lives in a world that dramatically changes him on a daily basis. It makes him realize how society has changed.

Thesis Statement: As the protagonist, Montag undergoes many changes throughout the book due to several characters that function as catalysts in his life.

Supporting Points: In Fahrenheit 451, Montag’s change is mainly related to 1) book burning #3 2) manipulative parlor families #1 3) and a strange
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Lead: One way that Clarisse has triggered change in Montag’s life is when they were walking home late one night.
Proof: “So many people are. Afraid of firemen, I mean. But you’re just a man, after all…” (Bradbury 7)
Comment: This statement makes Montag realize how different Clarisse actually is. Clarisse isn’t like anybody else, she is an individual. This changes Montag’s perspective on other’s thoughts about his occupation. He always assumes that people would be scared of firemen, but Clarisse’s statement proved him differently. It definitely changed how he thinks of today’s society.

Lead: Another way Clarisse featured as a catalyst to Montag is that same night, walking home.
Proof: “He saw himself in her eyes, suspended in two shining drops of bright water, himself tiny, in fine detail, the lines about his mouth, everything there, as if her eyes were two miraculous bits of violet amber that might capture and hold him intact.” (Bradbury 7)
Comment: This is showing that to Clarisse, Montag is just another man. He isn’t anything new, or spectacular. Montag feels so different next to Clarisse, like she can control his thoughts and feelings. This changed Montag’s thoughts on teenagers, and how not all of them are like what he thought they were.

Lead: A third way that Clarisse functioned as a catalyst in Montag’s life, is when she asked a very simple question one night.
Proof: “Are