Fahrenheit 451 Compared To Today

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Over the years society has changed a lot and will continually change in the future as technology advances and face-to-face social interaction become less apparent. When Fahrenheit 451 was published in 1953 Ray Bradbury wrote about a futuristic society with a lot of things that did not exist when the book was published. Some of the things that Bradbury wrote about back in 1953 are becoming more apparent in today’s society. Fahrenheit 451 has a powerful message for readers today because of the similar technology, and the way that their society shows affections or love. But some of the technology that is explained in the book may not be so similar to today's technology.
Several pieces of technology explained in Fahrenheit 451 are very similar
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However, modern day society shows affection differently than it did 50 some years ago when Fahrenheit 451 was written. Back then divorce was less common and more frowned upon or looked at as really bad. Today people get divorces and do not really care. There are people that get remarried two or three times. In the book couples get married but they do not really show affection towards one another. Mrs. Phelps in the book had three husbands and just moved on after each marriage like nothing ever happened. This is similar to today because people just pretend like nothing ever happened and move on. Divorce has a really negative affect on the children in today's society. According to QC Researcher “They blame the nation's no-fault divorce laws for the excessive U.S. divorce rate and for the resulting calamitous increase in children from single-parent homes who are growing up poor, depressed, and struggling in school.”(Charles S. Clark). Though in Fahrenheit 451 it seems as if the children are not being raised by their parents at all. It say that Mrs. Phelps kids only come to see her once a month because they are at school. Some may disagree that the way affection is shown in the book is similar to today’s society.Today couples show affection differently than in Fahrenheit 451. In the book couples sleep in separate beds at night and they do not tell eachother that they love them because they …show more content…
The more time that goes on the more and more society will evolve and be more and more like Fahrenheit 451. Ray Bradbury has made a lot of predictions that are becoming more and more apparent in today’s society than ever. Technology will advance and social interaction will become less face-to-face as well as being able to show love and affection. Technology is great for a lot of things, but sometimes it can take away from things that really matter in