Fahrenheit 451 Comparison Essay

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My palms are sweating as I grip the controls, my ears ringing as my captain yells commands at me. A particle beam shoots past our ship and nearly takes out the gravity wheel. We’re being trailed by a relentless Romulan ship. The U.S.S. Embassador is badly damaged and our phasers are down. Is this how it all ends? I fear I’m about to meet my maker when all of a sudden I’m back in my living room, clutching the remote control. My mom is yelling at me from downstairs to take out the trash. I turn off the Star Trek episode and reluctantly abide by my true commander’s wishes.
There is nothing better than engaging in a fictional story set in a different version of our world, or better yet a place far away from our world. Perhaps it’s another planet, one located on the other side of the galaxy that we have yet to discover. Maybe we’re joining Jules Verne on an adventure to the center of the Earth. Either way,
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The plotline was so unique and original, like nothing I have ever read before. It made me feel uneasy, thinking about the slightest chance of a world where books are banned. Now why is it classified as science fiction rather than fantasy? There are a few aspects to look at here. The advancements in technology, the futuristic setting, and the new totalitarian society that the book introduces us to. Now, one might wonder why something like Star Wars wouldn’t be considered science fiction. I, too, wondered the same thing. One reason is because there’s no true science behind the story. Things happen with no explanation to back it up. Star Trek, on the other hand, gives you some insight on how exactly a huge spacecraft can fly across space in the blink of an eye. You could literally take the plot of Star Wars and throw it into a modern day setting and still manage to make it work. If I take the characters of Fahrenheit 451 and place them into today’s society, the book would cease to