Fahrenheit 451 Part 1 Literary Analysis

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Just because you love something to start doesn’t mean you will love it in the end. In part one of Fahrenheit 451 Montag loves burning books and houses down, but in the end of part one his view on burning books has changed to him completely hating it. There can be arguments made that it isn’t true and he doesn’t go form loving to hating fire, but it will be very difficult. In part one of Fahrenheit 451, Montag enjoys burning books. His job is what he loves to do and that makes sense because why wouldn’t you want a job that you love. Montag said, “It was a pleasure to burn. It was a pleasure to see things eaten, to see things blackened and changed” (Pg.1). He makes it very obvious that he likes to burn things. There is no sign that he is lying or making it up that he likes to burn things. People may think that he was doing the burning so he could pay for bills not because he likes it. When Montag talked to Mildred about …show more content…
Montag really does hate burning books and burning items. After burning the house with the women in it he said, “Mildred, how would it be if, well, I quit my job awhile?” (Pg. 48). There is no way that he doesn’t hate burning books if he wants to quit his job. After that he said, “Well, this fire’ll last me the rest of my life. God! I’ve been trying to put it out, in my mind, all night. I’m crazy with trying” (Pg. 48). Montag obviously hates burning books and hates burning in general. In the end, there is nothing that could prove the fact that Montag hates burning and fire. In conclusion, in the beginning of the book Montag loves everything there is about burning and fire, but as the book got to the end of part one and the rest of the book he realized that he didn’t like fire or burning at all. There are some arguments that could be worth making that those statements aren’t true, but in the end nothing will prove them