Fahrenheit 451 Reflection

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The first semester of my freshman year of highschool has many highs and lows to it. Honors English is a very challenging course but I feel I’ve fallen short in some areas of the class but I have also had many triumphs this semester. Taking time to reflect I feel my work rate could use some improvement for me to succeed in a high level course such as honors. In the end I believe I did well this semester and would like to take time to discuss my highs and lows of the semester. Most of the time in this class was spent working on projects or reading novels and discussing them. I had many triumphs that came from this. One of my greatest achievements was the research project on women in prison. My group was very prepared and we did an excellent …show more content…
Many of the times I fell short on assignment it was from me not doing the preparation needed for the assignment. Some examples of this are during the Fahrenheit 451 discussions I was not fully prepared for and I could have done more preparations to get better grades on these discussions. One of the categories I struggled with the most was writing. I really struggled on papers in this class such as the Fahrenheit 451 essay which I received a D on. The paper was not my best work and I feel with more preparation and time put towards the paper I could have received a higher grade. Another category I did not do my best work on was speaking such as the debate and discussions. Many discussions my preparations were not the best they could have been. If I would have taken a good amount of time to prepare for these items my grade would have been higher and I could have excelled in class. At the end of semester I have taken some time to think about my work ethics and have decided that my work in english has not been what it should be. Next semester I will take the time to prepare for large assignments. With greater preparation I can have better success in English. My goal for next semester is a B and it can be achieved by putting in hard work and preparing for all aspects of