Fahrenheit 451 Symbolism Essay

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An incurable curse of malice lies deep within humans. When provoked, one’s lens blackens with loss of character and sight. Symbols are literary devices that have stayed prominent throughout all of literature. They enrich and enhance the value of writing by allowing the reader to be devoured by the novel. Symbols augment the writing by including additional layers of meaning. For instance, In The Crucible the “witch trials” represent the insanity of the society and the struggle of splitting out from the norm. On the contrary, in Fahrenheit 451 “The Phoenix” represents the rebirth of society after the explosion that has erased the district. Both deepen the level of apprehension for the reader. Symbols are crucial to understanding literature. In …show more content…
They are 6-12 year old boys without parental guidance it is natural that they would be frightened. It is evident of Simon struggling to be brave by reassuring himself that the pig head on a stick was just a “ Pig’s head on a stick“ (Golding 143). Simon having to reassure himself shows the anxiety and the uneasiness from the boys. In fact, anxiety and uneasiness coincides with a person’s fear. In reality the Lord of the Flies is the deep fear. The Lord of the Flies provokes Simon “There isn’t anyone to help you. Only me. And I’m the beast“ (Golding 143). The Lord of the Flies daunts Simon by stating that he is completely alone, which means he is the only sane person left on the island. The one way Simon can be relieved from his frightened sub-conscious, is the acceptance of the Lord of the Flies (being fear). By realizing that he was afraid the whole confrontation with the Lord of the Flies. Once he accepts fear his fake persona of the Lord of the Flies will disappear. The Lord of the Flies consistently belittles Simon exhibiting superiority “The lord of the flies spoke in the voice of a schoolmaster“(Golding 143). A schoolmaster is a teacher at an independent british school, the Lord of the Flies speaking like a school masters shows how the Lord of the Flies is just an virtual being created in Simon’s head. The boys being young children, having fear for your teacher wasn’t out of the ordinary. The Lord of the Flies defining the teacher supports that the Lord of the Flies illustrates fear. Symbols add layers to the writing, which without would decrease the clarity of the writing. Specifically referring to The Lord of the Flies without the use of symbols, the novel would feel incomplete and vacant in a