Essay on Fahrenheit: Fahrenheit 451 and pretty Accurate Statement

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“The Fire starters” In the book Fahrenheit 451, there are a lot of aspects written about then that we can all relate to in today’s society. It shows how technology is pretty much taking over everyone’s lives, which is a pretty accurate statement due to the technological advancements we are making in our society today. The televisors in the book pretty much controls the citizens by letting them hear and see what the government wants them to know. In this book the firemen actually start the fires instead of putting out fires because they don’t want people having that information or a broader way of thinking. They are pretty much trying to hypnotize the citizens to all think alike by the burning of the books so no one will ever ask questions like why. The mechanical hound in the book has the ability to track down people by their scent and could kill them, disable, poison, or knock out which today would refer to the government because they are always watching us and can do whatever they want. We can all relate to the televisors today since we have more technology then they could have even imagined back in the day when this book was written. It is very easy to relate too today because of all the various news channels that are extremely biased and only tell the side they want us to hear. This is very similar with the televisors because they hypnotize the citizens into to just accepting what they are hearing or seeing instead of them to think out of the box and asking questions like why. That is why they have banned books and made the televisors popular, which causes them to forget how to think for their selves. The government would love that today if our society just accepted everything they do or say because then they could do whatever they want. Montag’s wife Mildred is a prime example of how everyone in the society is supposed to act. The firemen in Montag’s society are actually the guys burning the books instead of putting out fires like we know them for today. A way we can relate to these firemen today is to look at them like the governments guinea pigs. They do all the dirty work for them and they burn all the books so they don’t have any information about the past and present. This is the government’s way of being in control so nobody can overthrow them. They do not want anyone to be able to think for themselves. Books never give definite answers so a course if you were to read a book you are going to try and think of what the moral of the story was and they do not want this. “One detail of Fahrenheit 451 worthy of note is that the censorship and outlawing of books did not come from the top--the government--but from an indifferent populace. A villain in the book explains that the situation arose when school was shortened; discipline was relaxed; philosophies, histories,