Fahrenheit: President of the United States and Michael Moore Essay

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Michael Francis Moore is a very controversial director, his documentaries were highest-grossing documentaries of all time. His idea of filmmaking takes us to a whole new world beyond our imagination. The film Fahrenheit 9/11 directed by Michael Moore presents an inhumanity event which took place on September 11 2001 in the USA, however the director does not put its main focus on the event, but to characterize George W bush and his presidency during the event. The use of sound effects, voice over and camera work is the main technique that Michael Moore uses throughout his documentary, to demonstrate us about how incompetent and corrupt George Bush was during his presidency and the historic attack on the Twin Towers. The scene that I'm analyzing is “George Bush on Vacation” and “The Destruction of the Twin Towers” (including “My pet goat” scene) Michael Moore opens “The vacation scene” with a blast of an upbeat music, this is a very amusing technique to simulate Bush and his presidency. Michael Moore uses this unique idea to accentuate the audience's attention on what is now happening and also to amuse and ridicule him. Before the vacation scene, Bush was in a bad condition, he was struggling and faced a lot of issues about him as a president, and the scene was so calm and boring. But suddenly, a burst of an upbeat music came up, this idea of music uses to create feelings of either animosity, because the president is on vacation or mocking the president. As what Michael Moore said in his documentary about Bush, “ .. from being a lame duck president and with everything going wrong, he did what any of us would do, he went on “VACATION”.

The destruction of the Twin Towers scene, mainly uses voice over not only from Michael Moore but from different people including the news reporters. Michael Moore uses voice over during the attack to help us understand the issues of how the Americans citizen feel, this will lead us into the emotions of sadness and thoughtfulness for many of the lives that were taken. During our reaction to the attack, Michael Moore successfully draws the audience attention on what was happening, we experienced this by the way he talks, it takes several seconds or a long pause (silence) for him to describe each attack, his idea was to give us a feeling of anguish and heartbreak. Since that time, a melancholy background music is played. He uses this to back up or to played on our emotions, and from this point sound effects together with the use of voiceover contributes our attention about what is happening.

The destruction of the Twin Towers and “My pet goat scene” takes a very close attention, at George Bush reaction during the attack, by using close- up, Michael Moores camera angle works very well. When George Bush was informed that the first plane hit the World Trading center building, while he was visiting a school in Florida. Mr Bush decided to go on for his photo opportunity. An instance of the great use of camera work is when the second plane hit the tower one of George Bush chief officer enter the classroom where Bush was reading “My pet Goat” and told him “That the nation is on attack…”,and from this point the camera zooms straight into Georges face(close ups) and we can see how panic and stress George was at the moment. Michael Moore uses this scene to let us know about what sort of president he was. And surprisingly, his next move was reading “My pet goat” with the children. The camera change from close…