Examples Of Doomsdays

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Failed Doomsdays

So many people are stuck on the idea of the end of the world coming soon. Many theories, books, movies, and predictions have risen on this topic over the years. Still nobody really knows with certitude when or how this will take place. Who knows, at the end nothing might happen. Throughout my life “The end of the world” has been predicted to take place more than a couple of times. Some of the failed doomsday dates that I can remember are January 1, 2000, June 6, 2006, May, 21, 2011, and soon to be December 21, 2012. Whether these predictions are based on numerology, astrology, religion or just beliefs, I prefer to maintain dissident. The date January 1, 2000 is best known as the Y2K bug. As the millennium approached people began to believe the world would end. Computers were already a big part of our everyday lives and were predicted to create a global disaster that would end the world as we knew it. It was said computers would crash and destroy technology, planes would crash, bombs would fire, and traffic light would stop working. But what really happened was a minor glitch on computers since they had not been programed for the year 2000 (Rosenberg). The numbers 6/6/6 are known to represent “the number of the beast”. Many religious people saw June, 06, 2006 as the day the antichrist would come and rule the world. But of course it was nothing but a myth. May, 21, 2011 became known as “Rapture Day” or “Judgment day” thanks to Harold Camping, a Christian preacher and owner of the Family Radio Network. Camping made his prediction using a mathematical formula based on biblical numbers. Camping stated that believers would be taken to heaven on May, 21, 2011 and the world would end by October, 21, 2011. Camping started a huge campaign announcing the end of the world. He placed Billboards all across the nation and collected donation money from his multiple followers. At the end it all resulted in various misinterpretations and information not being vetted (Landman, 2001). December 21, 2012 is the most recently predicted doomsday and is now being referred to as “The Apocalypse”. There are many theories, believes, and predictions about this date. Unlike other theories, December 21, 2012 has been predicted to happen by the use…