Failure Is The Opportunity To Begin Again More Intelligently

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“Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently” –Henry Ford. Personally, I strongly agree with this quote, which is why it is one of my favorite. To succeed at something you will fail, but it is with failure you grow and become better. If someone is always to succeed they will never know how truly great it feels to accomplish something that has taken multiple, rigorous, hurtful attempts. Success teaches you to be good but failure teaches you to be great. Someone who has always been given success and never had to work for things in life, will some day come across a time where they will fail and instead of growing from their failure and trying again, will give up. In my life I have had to overcome adversity multiple times, but failure has never scared me, nor stopped me. One failure that has really stuck with me, is the second time I broke my back. After the first time the doctor told me it was likely I would recovery fully and be able to play softball again with a lot of rehabilitation and rest, but if I were to do it again the probability of me needing surgery would increase significantly. Well, I didn’t really listen and I jumped back into working out and playing again too soon, then of course, I broke it again. People may not consider this a failure but to me it is because I failed to learn the importance of patience and listening and wisdom. After the devastation passed over my family, and me I was quick to learn that I needed rest. I grew stronger from this, not physically, but mentally because I knew that if I could come back from this I could come back from anything. I knew that nothing could bring me down and that nothing could be worse than that. Now, if I had done what the doctor had said the first