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Fair Trade Questions:
1. I believe that countries can and should be self-sufficient. I think this will help to avoid outsourcing our own country’s jobs to foreign workers and give the jobs to skilled workers in our country. This helps to run the business better. This also helps to avoid hiring foreign workers to just “save a dime”. I also believe that engaging in international trade has an advantage because it will be cheaper for a specific country to produce and it will allow them to make a larger profit. “Spain, South Korea, and a variety of other countries manufacture shoes more cheaply than American can. They offer them for sale to us” (Free Trade, 2008).
2. We are involved with cheaper labor with foreigners because they can produce more goods for cheaper labor, which ultimately creates more profit for the company. However, we are involved in international trade because it’s necessary. Not all resources are available in all countries, so we must trade “internationally” in order to obtain those products. If all resources were available in all countries, we most likely wouldn’t be relying on other foreign relations at all.
3. I believe “buying American” is important. Outsourcing isn’t necessarily good because it destroys jobs for Americans. When companies outsource, they do not need as many facilities, which inhibits jobs here in the US. Outsourcing is good for business, but bad for the people and economy. “But the situation is actually worse, for a little deeper