Essay on Fairness: Nutrition and Corny Capt Crunch

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Kyle burns
Period 6
Sports medicine
Related career search Healthy living in the united states is a thing in the past. We don’t look at the labels any more unless they have a corny capt crunch or count chocoula. These cereals have good elements to them also don’t get me wrong, but there is nothing like a good home cooked meal. Reading labels takes you less time then burning off the calories that certain food might have. I have a business plan, my plan is trim the fat off America. Living healthy! It disgusts me to go to any fast food place, personally that food doesn’t set well with my stomach. They have no food that is nutritionally at a good value. When the fast food corporations came out with FAST FOOD. People flocked to it like bats in a cave, now there is no control over these corps. They feed our children this gunk and make the habits form. Mostly parents allow their children’s to keep asking for it and they either form an addiction or a large fat amount in a short period of time. This is where obesity and diabetic children get it from mostly, the corporations that say ,“it’s a lot of fun to eat my food.” NO, it isn’t I chose this occupation to give me a challenge. That challenge is to convert unhealthy habits that became a routine, into a healthy decision making individual. Corporations want individuals to make unhealthy decision as a tradeoff the food is at disposal. It’s a substitute to get you to waste money on,”fast and cheap food” it’s a material that brainwashes you into thinking that that food was amazing. Being a teenager, presented a lot of options to me, especially concerning my health. Health class freshman year, we learn about our bodys and odor and everything like that. A new chapter, ”your body and food”, the food pyramid, eating right and exercise. Calories are our friends, only count calories, the sum of that is the amount you have to burn