Fairness: School Bus and Fairness Essay

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“To Be Fair” is an excellent trait that I believe all Americans should show but don’t resemble today. To be fair is a good trait in many ways. When fairness is expressed you are showing good karma, respect, equality, selflessness, you are sympathetic and lastly grateful those are all great and strong traits that if our fellow students, teachers, politicians and friends show it can all shape our world to the world we admire. Just like an old myth you would hear; karma. You show a great amount of honesty, you get a great amount of honest back. You may not know it but a persons life can be affected by fairness in many ways. Not looking at it as a stereo type but the people who tend to be more fair are more likely to be honest and caring, which those people today have caring friends and family who show them great love, and when in a relationship with great love and fairness back I would expect an individual to be very happy and comfortable with their life.

When one person shows fairness it affects more than one person in great ways. Imagine a group of individuals showing fairness what great impact it would have on society. For example, you can see a group of teenagers almost anywhere rather it be at the movies or the park or in a dark alley after midnight wherever they might be there is always the chance to be fair. Now imagine that group of teenagers at the movies, they are causing no harm, but chose to go to their local movie theater to see the $10.50 midnight movie, its already late and the cashier is very restless and after a 12 hour shift, very tired and lacking skills. When the individual notices he was only charged for 3 movie tickets instead of 4. He proceeds to return to the cashier and tells her that he was not rang up for the fourth ticket and pays the extra $10.50. That was the fair and right thing to do. Instead someone would have probably high-five the rest of their friends and chose to get in the movie free. Do you think that this person will later on get good karma? Maybe might find a 20 dollar bill in his pocket, or simply next time having the chance of his movie being free, all due to the fact that he was fair and honest, and respectful.

In today’s world I feel that we could suggest that many traits have become non existent in today’s culture. Fairness has came a long way since the 1950’s. But has it gotten worse or better? The trait of acting fair or to be fair in my eyes has not improved as much as I think it has potential to pertaining to our culture. For example, a family whose income may be $25,000 a year as to a family who makes $250,000 a year. You are waiting in line at a restaurant and behind you is a man who is dressed in his business attire and as you saw, parked his 2013 jaguar right next to your 2007 Chevy Trailblazer, you are next to be seated and the hostess takes the wealthy looking man behind you and decides to seat you first because the assumption that he has more money and will leave a better tip. You are upset as you notice that was not fair. Today’s society is unfair in the ways people are treated in reasons as money. Another example fairness is becoming extinct is in the way of race, as we all know the color of our skin has been an issue not now but a huge issue years ago, I can vouch that fairness in the last 20 years has gotten an insanely amount better however there are still so many acts of unfairness that I see everyday. In school, I see the lower income students receive less help as to the student who is dressed in the hoodie with the number one university in the world. Fairness can have a lot to do with the money you make, but also it can have nothing to do with the money you make.

I have seen this trait experienced in many places so much that it has brought to my attention what a better place this world could be if we all showed fairness and treated each other not also equal but fair. I have been in places where it has really shocked me at the amount of fairness I have…