Fairness: University and College Admissions Essay

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Fairness Pertaining college admissions, race and connection are major deciding factors for who is going to be accepted, which is unfair because it minimizes the equality of people getting accepted based on weather or not they are academically qualified for that college. According to Word Net, fairness is defined as conformity with rules or standards. People view the level of fairness differently. In some people’s opinion, the college admissions process is fair, as others find it very bias. In every application for colleges you are required to state your race. What color your skin is has nothing to do with weather or not you are qualified to be accepted to a college. If this is so, then why put those questions on the application? Looking at the University of Georgia’s undergraduate percentages of races, whites are 76 percent of the student body (The University of Georgia College Portrait). The university wants to become more diverse to try to show fairness and equality to every race. The way of going about that is by accepting more people of different races in to the University of Georgia. For example, the admissions might look at the application of a white person and an application of one of a different race with he same credentials and accept the person of a different race to add diversity to the university. The roles could even be reversed. The admissions could accept the white person over the person of a different race just because that person is white. To avoid either one of these things from happening, the section on the application for race should be omitted. People should get into college by their academics not their race. The phrase “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” has become true for the admission process for colleges. In the business world, having only knowledge can take you so far. You need different connections with different people to help you move up the work ladder. The same goes for some students with college admissions. They might not have to best academic credentials, but having a connection on the inside would