Fairy Tale and Paper Bag Princess

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English Extension Assessment 1 Preliminary HSC 2013
Brianna Chan


Once upon a time in the middle of spring, when wishes still came true, cars still zoomed, messages were sent and credit cards still swiped lived an educated divorced woman. She was all alone in a small suburban house, and in front of the house there was a garden with three peony bushes growing in it, one pink and the other two blue. The divorced woman, Belle had 3 children who resembled the peony bushes. One was called Willow and the other two Casper and Alex. These 3 children were the most kind and earnest, the most bubbly and helpful children in all of Sydney. Willow was smarter and gentler than Casper and Alex. Casper and Alex both had an adventurous but charming personality and enjoyed to play and roll around in the parks. Willow on the other hand, preferred to stay at home and help her mother with the chores and study hard for school, as she aspired to be just like her Belle. Belle dearly loved her children with all her heart. She wished for nothing more than for their happiness and safety.

The next morning before work and before school, Belle sat and gathered her three children around her and told them: “Today, mother will pick you up from school. However, I maybe a little late so please don’t go anywhere until I have arrived.” The three of them responded with: “You can be sure that we will wait for you near the bushes. Don’t worry about us. We will be safe so take all the time you need.” That morning, Belle drove the children to school, kissed them goodbye and drove off to work with her mind at ease.

The day went by and at 3 o’clock the bell rang for the end of school. All three children rushed outside and waited for their mother who they knew would be late. But before long, a black sedan pulled up and a man in a grey suit opened the door. Casper and Alex sank in their seats and Willow hid behind the near by bushes in fear. This was the man that had physically abused their mother. Casper and Alex whispered: “Hi Father” and Mark replied: “Boys! Mother called and said for me to pick you up from school today and take you back to my house” and before the boys could consider what mother had said that morning Mark pulled out three big bags of candy and placed them on the back seat of the car. The boys rushed over, sat in the car and began to eat. Mark then asked: “Where is Willow?” But the boys were too busy to reply so Mark searched the school in a rush but could not find his daughter anywhere. So, he just drove off.

Belle drove up to school, parked the car, sounded the horn and waited but none of her children could be seen. She hurried out and began to look for them. One by one she screamed out their names. When she came close to the bush she heard a faint cry. She screamed out: “Willow” and heard: “Mummy, I am behind the bushes.” Belle found Willow and she began to explain that her father told them that he had received a phone call from you to take them home and gave both Casper and Alex a big bag of candy. Hearing the news, Belle began to cry worried for her two children knowing what her ex-husband was like. Still sobbing, she got into her car along with Willow and began to head to Mark’s house.

At their arrival, Belle disguised herself as an elderly woman. Then Belle knocked on the door whilst Willow waited in the car. Mark opened the door and said: “I already have company and my house is full. I am a very busy man. Come back tomorrow.” He slammed the door so fast it nearly caught Belle’s nose. Belle knocked on the door again. Mark opened the door and said: “ I already have company and my house is full. I am a very busy man. Come back tomorrow.” But before he could slam the door, Belle screamed: “Wait, Is it true that you are the most successful and rich man in all of Sydney?” “Yes”-said Mark, so Mark opened the door wide to show Belle all of the riches and money he owned. Belle said: “ Is it true that