Fairy Tale History Essay

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Koda and the Roanoke Colony

Back, far back, in the mists of time when the world was young, there was a Native American boy named Koda. He was the son of the tribal Leader, Wahya. Koda was a brawn, focused and intelligent 16-year old. He had the aura of a strong leader. Along with him were his little two little brothers, Cro` ma and Goshe. They all lived on an enormous land, coated with lush vegetation and swarmed with many animals. The land is surrounded by the endless water creating serene ripples as the radiant sun gleams its light across their home. Their village was called Croatoa.
One beautiful evening, Koda went exploring deep into the forest with Cro` ma and Goshe. “Brothers, we will practice our endurance. First, we must sprint straight until we see three large trees next to each other. Then we climb up, and grab the tree branch. Winner gets a special prize. Any questions?” exclaimed Koda. “Let’s start! Let’s start!” the brothers yelled in sync. “Alright, 1. 2. 3. GO!” said Koda. The three boys dashed at full throttle. Koda and Goshe were head to head in the race while, Cro` ma gave up half way. Koda and Goshe quickly arrived at the trees, and started climbing. While Goshe was climbing the tree slowly, Koda leaped on a tree branch, and flipped himself in the air. He caught onto another tree branch and flung himself up to the top like an ape. As soon at Koda reached to the peak, he snapped the branch off and screamed, “I won!” Both Koda and Goshe descended from the tree, waiting for Cro` ma to appear. Hours passed but he still didn’t show up. Koda and Goshe started getting worried and set out to search for him.
Few trails later, Koda noticed blood on the floor and Cro` ma’s warrior blade. While observing his surroundings, he noticed more drips of blood creating a path into a place he has never noticed before. Koda cautiously ventured into the mysterious path. Shrubs and tall grass appeared to be cut by a blade. Moments later, he saw smoke rise a few yards ahead of him. Koda climbed up the tree and was astonished by the sight. He saw a multitude of bizarre folks. There were a large group of weird men building strange structures. The women were settling in and the children were gathering supplies. Koda was puzzled by their pale white skin, their blue hypnotic eyes, and their peculiar clothing. However, he knew that they were evil because he noticed two men carrying a little boy with a knife protruding from his chest. Koda went in closer only to realize that it was his brother, Cro` ma! “Oh no Cro` ma. Noo-o-o-o!” Koda muttered solemnly. Koda then realized that it was no time for him to weep. “I must get these evil monsters away from my home!” Koda pondered. Koda hastily ran back to his brother, Goshe and warned him to stay in the village. Goshe then blurted, “But what about Cro…”Goshe gazed at his brother’s serious blood-shot eyes and knew that he shouldn’t question back.
Moments later, while Goshe returned to the village, Koda ran to the only place he could receive help from. The temple. Koda could have inquired the village about the situation but they were greatly suffering from their war with the neighboring Native Americans. Koda reached to the temple and quickly gathered the supplies to begin his ritual. Koda sat down, drew a magic circle and began chanting spiritual mantras. “Bakweri Balochi Balinese Baltic Bangala Bantu!” Koda chanted. Then Koda slit his palm and let the blood drip onto the circle. Pooof! A large cloud of smoke engulfed the temple and then when Koda opened his eyes, he was gazing into the eyes of his one only hope and it was the God of Storms, Haokoh!
“My young warrior, why did you summon me?” declared