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Fairy Tale

Three Brothers, the Baker, and the Bear A long, long, time ago in a far away land lived three brothers, Alexander, Eliot, and Janik. The brothers lived poorly with their old parents in a village named Augusta. One chilly evening, the boys' father requested his sons go out to gather firewood and search for berries. Alexander, the youngest, went on a search for twigs and branches as ordered, while Eliot and Janik ran ahead in a search for food. Five minutes from their home resides the nearest bakery, where Eliot and Janik stole bread from every day. "Forget the berries!" Yelled Eliot. "Tonight we feast on bread and leave mother and father to starve!" As Eliot and Janik were on their way out, they bumped into
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We escape the baker every day and the one day you're gathering twigs by us he catches us!" He helplessly exclaimed, unable to even hear the sound of his own voice. Janik grabbed at his throat, attempting to yell, but it was useless. The boys knew they had been terribly cursed, and the only way to undo such curse is to do as the witch said. The brothers had been on their feet all day, and decided it would be time to take a rest. The brothers carefully set Alexander down on a log and attempted to set up camp. While Alexander helplessly laid against the log, Eliot quietly took Janik aside. "Hey, why don't we leave this goof here while we run ahead and get to the bread! And once we get it we'll keep it all to ourselves anyways. At least I can speak, and you can hear, we'll make a living out of ourselves just fine! It's his fault we're here anyways, and he's only slowing us down!" Eliot and Janik exchanged looks of approval and with a sinister smirk on their faces, the decision was made to leave young Alexander behind. "Alexander, we're going to gather some branches for a fire. Stay here," Eliot giggled, "we'll be right back!" And with his brothers last words, off they went into the forest in search for the bakery. The sleepy Alexander felt around for his surroundings, and placed his hands upon what appeared to feel like the softest moss he's ever felt. Patiently waiting for his brothers to return, Alexander laid down for a moment or two, which