Essay on Fairytale: Monarch and Nydaesia

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Once upon a time there was a king named Jeremiah though rich in character, personality, and kindness. He was very poor and lived among peasants of his land. He lived this way for many years with his many beautiful children who he was beginning to have a hard time providing for on his own. As the years passed and his children got older they all began to either move to other kingdoms or start they're own families and kingdoms for better lives. All except his youngest and most beautiful daughter Nydaesia. Nydaesia had many not all rich but handsom suitors of all kinds princes, kings,even the peasant folks of her father's land. Nydaesia around the age of 18 realized her father's loneliness and also that she will never be able to live her own life if she could never leave her father's side so she decided to find him the perfect wife. Such as her mother who was killed in a raid by a gang of thieves shortly after Nydaesia's birth. King Jeremiah spoke of his beloved Queen Maeva often to his daughter Nydaesia who never got to know her mother unlike her other siblings. But when king Jeremiah did tell Nydaesia stories of her mother he always spoke of her beauty which he compared to the finest gems, her kind gentle heart, her touch and the love she which he would say was like millions of butterflies of every color surrounding you plucking you from the earth to the clouds and feel as if you could just stay forever an ecstacy and love so pure it could never be replaced, tarnished or broken. So Nydaesia knew that is exactly what she had to find for her father a new queen. She set off and found many fine possible queens for her father but not a single one was perfect. Along her journey just as Nydaesia was beginning to lose all hope in ever finding someone for her mother she passes through a kingdom that reminded her so much of her fathers'. As she begin to enter the village she was stopped by a young knight Nathaniel who was the most unbelieveable man she had ever laid her eyes on. Nathaniel who stopped Nydaesia, out of pure curiousity because no outsider had visited they're kingdom since they're king, Enrique, had been slain by a gang of murderous thieves, got a glimpse of her face which was slightly hidden by her long flowing sensational hair and paused in his tracks at her beauty. Nydaesia who was very shy hides her face even more within her hair to keep the handsom knight from seeing her blush. She then introduces herself and asks why he stopped her from entering the kingdom. Nathaniel still in awe politely explains about they're king. Nydaesia then states how they same thing happened to her mother and how she was looking for a new queen for her father. Nathaniel escorts Nydaesia into the kingdom as he tells her of the kingdoms queen Manasseh. Queen Manasseh was the riches queen in the land. But Nathaniel also went on to say how beautiful and kind of a queen Manasseh was. As he went on and on about her all Nydaesia could think was how perfect she was for her father. So Nydaesia and Nathaniel came up with a plan for them to meet. Nydaesia would return home and tell her father of a kingdom in trouble and Nathaniel would do the same. Just as they came up with they're perfect plan they're eyes met and both soon realized they had fallen in love but neither would say how they felt. So they parted missions in hand hearts filled with saddness Nydaesia finding in fact her knight in shining armor and Nathaniel finding his princess.As both turned away to they're homes to set they're plan into motion a tear fell from both Nathaniel and Nydaesia's eye both hoping to meet again. When Nydaesia reaches her father's kingdom she set the plan into motion telling him of a kingdom in