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Daniella In a land teeming with life, tall magnificent towers, and bright lights a wealthy man and women ruled. With riches and wealth beyond compare, the pair decided to birth a child. The child would receive the finest clothing and education they could provide. The couple tried and tried again to conceive a child, but to no fruition. Soon the couple visited a doctor known throughout the land as one of the most respected of doctors. The news was poor; for the man found he could bare no children. Struck with grief and sorrow the couple returned to their flat on Park Avenue. Drowning in despair and frustration, the couple in a fit of anger and denial tried one last time to conceive a child. Noise erupted from the flat as furniture jumped and banged around. Then all grow quiet as the couple fell in to a deep sleep.

Weeks after their last attempt to bare a child the couple became overjoyed and surprised as the news of a child was spread to relatives and friends. A miracle had taken place in what was once a dark and negative space. Less than a year later a child was born. Beautiful and delicate she was born into a bright new world full of opportunities and excitement. Despite the obstacles and impossibilities of her birth, Daniella was born. The child was named after the feminine form of Daniel, who miraculously survived the den of lions in the Old Testament. Golden hair and delicate soft skin the child radiated. Soon relatives and friends gathered at a grand event to celebrate the child’s birth. Uncles and aunts; grandmothers and grandfathers and relatives far and wide gathered and bestowed gifts. One aunt blessed her with goodness, another beauty, another riches, and so on till she had all that was great of the world. Though many relatives were invited one was not, fore she was vindictive and cruel. As the men and women drank and the music grew louder in was all silenced as the flat doors blew open and the cruel aunt burst in drunk and smelling of liquor. Wearing black heels and dress complemented by dark red lipstick and jet-black hair she screamed and cackled as she slithered close to the child. " Why have I not been invited to your celebration dear brother when all I want is to give your sweet child a gift?" The distasteful women pulled from her Prada bag a small curious toy and vile for the child. "Wait bellowed the father" as she poured the drink down the glowing girl. Soon the child grew ill from alcohol poisoning. The family became irate and cast the women out into the streets, though the child recovered the damage was done. In a fit of rage the father destroyed all the liquors and sprits in the flat and vowed to never allow alcohol near his young and innocent daughter for as long as she lives. Years pasted, as the child grew more and more beautiful and lovely. Graced with love, kindness and humbleness she grew to be loved many and adored by all. She became a model and grew even more beautiful, but soon things changed for young Daniella. With time she became more and more lovely and famous she began to join friends to elegant and extravagant parties. As she went to more balls and parties she was offered more and more drinks as well as drugs; but no matter the temptation she always refused. Time went on and tired grew