Fajada Butte Calendar

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At Chaco Canyon, Anna Sofaer discovered one of the most famous calendars named Fajada Butte that was used to tell time. This calendar made out of three large sandstones, which were engraved with two spiral petroglyphs that indicated solicits and equinoxes. During summer solstice, a beam of light appears at the top of the large spiral and slices it in equal halves. During winter solstice, two beams of light frame the large spiral. Whereas in equinoxes, the light beam slices through the centre of the small spiral and the right side of the large spiral. Therefore, Soafer’s discovery reveals that the Fajada Butte was a calendric system that was necessary to observe or celebrate the solicits and equinoxes, which played play an important role in ancient society. …show more content…
Archeologists found strong evidence that suggested religious practices among the ancient people. Many ceremonial platforms were discovered at Pueblo Bonito, which is located at the centre of Chaco Canyon. Furthermore, many artifacts related to religious ceremonies were discovered inside Pueblo Bonito. Archeologists found broken pottery (ritual offerings), ceremonial sticks and copper bells. Therefore, this evidence shows that the Fajada Butte Calendar was used to schedule religious activities. The Fajada Butte Calendar is also important for agriculture. The film, Mystery of Chaco Canyon, mentioned that food was sacred in the ancient life because it did not grow easily due to weather conditions and short growing seasons. Hence, the ancient people built the Fajada Butte Calendar to observe the occurrence of summer and winter solstice in order to harvest crops for