Essay Fake: Phosphoric Acid and Lindsay Mcdougall

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Plan for a Crime-Fiction Story:
Proposal for Crime: The poisoning, and consequential death, of Louise Cliver, a high-powered, well-respected and influential member of the police force. Being poisoned –by an organophosphate (phosphoric acid)–at a family function she dies painfully, but unexpectedly in her sleep that night. The organophosphate was introduced to her body after being slipped into a soda she was drinking, which was undetectable because it is colourless, odourless and also because most sodas already contain a diluted amount of it. So, on top of the already added organophosphate, the concentration is around 90%; highly corrosive. The offender is Louise Cliver’s mother, Jenni Cliver.
The Motive: Louise Cliver was with-holding money, embezzling, from the family account in order to finance herself–she is in league with various outside members of the public mainly her fiancée –and her expenses. Chuck Ellis, the family accountant, noticed that a large amount of money was missing from the family account. Eluding this to Jenni, whom he is having an affair with; she confronted Louise (she had a history of being reliant and stealing). Louise, admitted to her that she had been the one taking money and then threatened to out her and Chuck if she told. Although, the family would soon have to file for bankruptcy as Louise was taking more than could be replaced at a time. The embezzling, blackmail and almost-forced bankruptcy sent Jenni Cliver over the edge causing her to take the life of her daughter. Jenni Cliver was the only participant in the crime showing that she didn’t act on impulse.
The Suspect: The original suspects were the Doctor, Lindsay McDougall and the Cook, James Edwards. Lindsay McDougall is suspected because of his apothecary skills, and the mixture of sulphuric acid and apatite (a tricalcium phosphate rock); these are mixed with a combination of bromine, chlorine, fluorine or hydroxide in order to make a kind of phosphoric acid. James Edwards is suspected because of his work with the preparation of the food and drink, him…