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When I look at the material which you have learned, analyzed, lived—I cannot help being overwhelmed by the magnitude of the journey on which you have embarked. Strive on! At this juncture in time, I am confident with all of you holding my future world in your hands. I am happy that you have walked through my threshold.

Prefixes, a Suffix, and Their Translations
(A) Translate the following prefixes from Latin to English
(B) List two English words in which the prefix is correctly applied
Example: #) (A) im= not (B) impossible, imperfection
1) ab 2) ad 3) re 4) omni 5) pre 6) post 7) ex 8) anti 9) pro 10)con 11) de 12) inter 13) be 14) anthro 15) in 16) bio 17) equi 18) trans (B)transact, transvalue 19) theos 20) extra 21) intra 22) 23) micro 24) macro(A)large/great (B)macroscopic, macrofossil 25) mono 26) bi 27) tri 28) quad 29)quin 30) sex 31) set/sept 32) octo (A) 33) nov 34) dec 35) psychi

Vocabulary in Context
1) List three ways in which a reader might be able to infer the meaning of a word within a text although they might be unsure of its definition.
2) Provide a possible definition for each underlined word:
(A) I am afraid that you are suffering from a misconception, Mrs. Collins; I do not want to marry you at all! (B) Times of economic hardship encourage the proliferation of get rich quick schemes. (C) Even after I read the poem for the fourth time, its meaning was still obscure.

To Begin Deconstructing a Text
1) Define the term literal meaning
2) Define the term figurative meaning
3) Provide a literal and figurative meaning for each of the following sentences:
(A) Cut the crap. (B) He was told to keep his paws off of her. (C) Whenever he did something bad, I was always dragged along for the ride.
4) Define the literary term denotation
5) Define the literary term connotation
6) Recopy the following statement with the blanks filled in, onto your study sheet The prefix de- means ____ and the prefix con means ____. The root -nota means ______. When these prefixes are combined with the root, they for the words __________ and ________.
7) Explain why a person might consider the terms denotation and connotation incredibly similar to the terms literal and figurative meaning
8) In 5-6 sentences, explain how connotation within s text or an image allow for varied interpretations and deeper meanings for the reader.

Point of View and Perspective
1) Define the term point of view.
2) Define the term perspective.
3) Explain the difference between point of view and perspective.
4) Explain why a feminist perspective on women in the work force might differ from Paris Hilton’s point of view on the same topic.
5) Who is the author of “Body Rituals among the Nacirema”?
6) Identify four rituals that were explored in that text, as well as what the rituals really represented in society.
7) Explain how “Body Rituals among the Nacirema” relates to the terms perspective and point of view.
8) Tone is defined as:
Using “Body Rituals among the Nacirema” how would you describe this author’s tone towards America? On what specific ideals does he criticize them most? Use support from the text to support your claim.

1) Define the term archetype.
2) What word is found in the beginning portion of this word? Explain how the smaller word relates to what an archetype does.
3) Identify three specific topics which we have covered in class in which archetypes can be found.
4) (A) Identify ten archetypes that might possibly be found in any creation myth. (B) Identify all of the creation myths which we studied in class this year. (C) For each archetype that you previously listed, identify two creation myths in which it is found, and state where specifically in the myth we see that archetype in use.
5) Identify one of most important characters in each of the creation myths. For each character, list three high level adjectives that you believe encapsulate their characterization. Then, in 2-3