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Main Courses ith the planet’s climate
changing, temperatures rise earlier and earlier each year. It is suspected the amount of Lyme
Disease cases will sky-rocket. Not only will there a rise in cases earlier in the year, Lyme Disease is also likely to spread further South and
West. As the summer seasons get longer so does the tick season. It is


Lyme disease hot spots in the United
[Map Image here ]

also predicted that with a rise in
Lyme Disease cases there will be further development in Lyme
Disease vaccines, as well a steady demand, unlike previous unsuccessful vaccines.

How it spreads:

What is Lyme


Lyme disease is spread by receiving bite from a tick that is infected with the disease.
This disease is found in every state bit Montana
The disease is most commonly transmitted from a nymphs which are immature ticks nymphs feed during the spring and summer months
Lyme disease is a condition that is created by a specific
How does it affect the body? bacterium called Borrelia Burgdorferi. Humans can get this

condition if bitten by a blacklegged tick that is infected with lyme disease. Lyme disease has many symptoms some are minor while others are major.

What causes Lyme disease?

this disease is caused by a tick carrying Lyme disease. generally Lyme disease is carried by the deer tick or the wood tick ticks are generally found in forests and tall grassy areas the average deer carries 200 or more ticks on them at one time

Europe and date back to 1883. A German physician, Alfred
Buchwald discovered that it began with ring­like lesions and degenerative skin disorders. In 1921, Arvid Afzelius connected the disease with the Ixodes Scapularis tick and found joint pain to be another symptom. Shortly thereafter arthritic problems were found to be caused by the disease.

Lyme disease has many side effects on the body This condition can affect every person differently The first most common symptom is red bullseye near the bite this disease can affect the organs,joints,the