Curriculum Pl Learning Math By Using An Egg Carton

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Fall into Fun 2014
Curriculum Plan

Title of Activity- Math with Recyclable Materials
Materials Needed- Egg Carton, Lid Bottles, Colored Chips, Blocks, Rocks, Pompoms, die, paint, beads, and Pipe Cleaners.
Suggested Instructions- Learning Math by using an egg carton –. Prepare your Egg Carton by painting each of the spaces inside the carton by using different colors of paint, and then let it dry. Also for this activity introduce a die to children. Before Starting take a look at the die together and talk about the numbers. Then, put the die inside the egg carton and close the lid. Give the egg carton a good shake! Put the egg carton down and open the lid and see in which color the die is in. Encourage children to tell you the number on the die. See if they can tell you without counting each dot. (Also have Pompoms, Colored Rocks, Chips, and Beads on Small Containers next to them). Now Count out the corresponding color and number of pompoms or any other object that children want to use to count out according to the color and number that the die is in. Keep repeating so that children practice seeing and recognizing the amount and then corresponding that to a group they have counted-out

Modifications and/or variations- Always make sure no pointy parts are sticking out of your sticks or branches. Assist children if they need help with materials such as; using the tape or tying the rubber bands on the branches. Children with special needs would be able to create these easy instruments.
Areas of Development- Social Studies- Helps