Fall observational essay

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November 8, 2013
Falling Leaves
The smoldering heat of summer time only sticks around for so long, eventually it becomes a brisk temperature in which isn’t to many peoples likings. This means that summer is over and it is now fall. In the middle of September there becomes an immediate climate change and nothing is the same: the leaves change color, summer attire is out, and fall attire is in. The dead giveaway for fall is when the leaves turn red, yellow and orange and fall off the trees. I guess that’s why it’s called fall. Falling leaves, it makes sense now.
In the midst of a new season you see all types of things. You start to notice a shift in the behavior of the animals. They begin the preparation for the winter that is on its way. The squirrels run around collecting anything they will need to get them through a long cold winter. In the later months of fall you will completely stop seeing these animals, because they are hiding to shield themselves from the bitter cold.
You start to notice that not only do the animal have different habits, but also the humans. They begin to wear sweatshirts and pants that protect their legs against the frigid air that is among us. The colder weather makes it almost impossible for them to continue to wear shorts, flip flops, and tank tops. Girls cannot wait for fall so they can wear their favorite scarves with everything and anything. This season is their favorite, because its “UGG and North Face season”. Most girls love this time of year. Everything they put away during spring and summer months can finally resurface from the storage areas. Girls love taking their UGGs out of storage I think that is the one thing they look forward to when they know fall is coming, or has arrived. Most girls, like myself, even bring the UGGs out before it is socially acceptable. Which in my opinion is okay. UGGs are meant to be worn on a brisk day, and if to you a brisk day is 60 degrees then that is okay. It has been said that it is “socially unacceptable” to wear UGGs in the summer, so only really bold girls do it. Most girls, like myself, don’t feel it necessary to shave their legs in the fall. If no one is going to see your legs then why shave them at all. Some girls can’t wait until fall, when the first sign of nippy weather peaks through the cracks breaking that barrier, and when it hits the razors go into storage with the summer clothes.
I love the season of fall, it is a perfect cool soothing temperature. In fall it is neither too hot nor too cold, the temperature is always just right. Sitting outside on a fall day as the cool breezes of wind blow by your face. The heat of summer is gone, so if you go outside you know that it won’t be one hundred degrees. Fall coincidentally happens to carry the favorite holiday, I would say, for most college students and children. This holiday just happens to be Halloween, the scare fest, “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it” (Mean Girls). Stores tell you months in advance Halloween is coming, by putting out decorations, advertisements, and an assortment of different candy. They want to make sure no one forgets to stop on by and get the necessities. Halloween for college students and older adults, girls, usually consist of “lingerie and some form of animal ears” (Mean Girls). The go to some party where there is loud music and usually involves alcohol. However, Halloween has a completely different meaning to children. The children are excited to dress up like their favorite characters and go out for