Fall of Rome Essay

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Lauryn Bell
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Global History
There are many factors to blame for the Fall of Rome. Many people believe that the size of the empire was a major factor. Christianity also had a major impact on Romans and and helped lead to it’s fall. A third part of the fall was the division of the empire. Although, these may not be all, these all had an enormous influence on the fall.
After the Roman Empire expanded to the point that it was too hard to control, people started to develop new customs around the outer parts of the empire. These were mainly soldiers that had been shipped out there. The army started to become used to peace, and slowly became weaker. This started to become a big problem for Rome. When their army became weaker, it gave their enemies an advantage. With the Roman’s army weakening and the enemies strengthening, it became much harder for Rome to control and keep the empire in tact.
Christianity first started to become a problem under Constantine’s rule. Even though he was never officially Christian until around his death, he showed favoritism toward Christians.
They were rarely if ever punished for getting into fights and gave them unfair privileges. Under his rule, Christianity spread all over the empire, almost completely wiping out old Roman religions. The religion soon started taking power away from emperors, which gave them less control over their empire.
Under Diocletian, the empire was split into two halves. There were two rulers…