Fall Of The Roman Empire Essay

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How Rome rose and fell are very intriguing. Rome first started out as a small country but eventually grew into a powerful and rich empire. But all good things do not last, Rome was overcome with troubles and eventually fell. As we analyze this historic time period we need to understand the “primary”, or (prime), reasons for the “fall”, or the end when the Roman Empire is no more, of the Western Roman Empire. There are many causes in the fall of Rome, but corruption in the government, Rome developing a “soft belly”, and military weakness are the main causes. Roman life and culture dominated Western Europe for centuries, as its armies swept across the Mediterranean world. The Roman’s accomplishments gained them respect throughout the world. That all changed; however, between 350 – 500 A.D. when Romans were challenged by both external and internal problems such as corruption in the government, a softer lifestyle and military weakness. One of the key reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire was corruption in the government. “Those morals and values that kept together the Roman legions and thus the empire could not be maintained towards the end of the empire” (What were the Primary Reasons for the “fall of Rome”) Without morals and values, …show more content…
With Rome being in the best state of their time, people didn’t worry as much and didn’t seem to care about basic situations. In the article, “What were the primary reasons for the ‘fall of Rome’ “ it says, “These include: Poor management, the dole--bread and circus--people were more interested in fun and sports and hoarding.”. A “soft belly” shows that you don’t have a care in the world, and since there was all fun and sports with no one focusing on the important matters in life. While the people of the Western Roman Empire were in danger other historical events were taking place, such