Fallacies And Deceptive Techniques Used In Nike's Advertising

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The advertising industry is known for using fallacies and tactics to persuade people to buy their company's product. I chose to analyze fallacies and deceptive techniques that are in Nike’s commercials. I focused on three of their commercials, “ Snow Day” “Short a Guy” and “Endless Possibilities” overall the commercials were saying that with Nike gear you can do anything. In Snow Day star athletes from a variety of sports got together to play football on their day off. Endless Possibilities and Short a Guy were very similar, both commercial stared an ordinary teen athlete that had the ability to achieve amazing things because they were wearing Nike sneakers, clothes or using equipment. The three deceptive techniques that I found while watch these commercials are appeal to authority, hasty conclusion and exaggeration.

Appeal to Authority
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By having athletes that are role models to many people presents a sense of authority and at the end of the commercial the screen says “ Get Out Here” in bold letters and this sends the message that if these famous athletes are not letting a snow day stop them from going outside and playing football then neither should you. The “Short a Guy” commercial also displays appeal of authority because the boy is asked by professional athletes and teams to join in on their game which presents the idea that you should wear clothes from Nike because then you will get to play with