Fallacy: Napoleonic Wars and France Napoleon Essay

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Tyrant (noun) A person exercising power or control in a cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary way; a ruler who seized power without legal right; the use of unjustly and oppressive power for self-implied purposes.

He limited who had power in society in France
Napoleon controlled the church.
Tried controlling France by making it a monopoly
He was a Tyrant because his strength came from the military; he ended the First French Republic and created the First French Empire (Napoleonic Empire), and allowed for levels of censorship that had been unheard of.
Ruled basically without the consent of the people, and literally crowned himself as the new sovereignty of France.
He was an opportunist who exploited his chance to rise to power but having achieved it he became obsessed with gaining power and trying to make France rise above all other European nation.
Napoleon’s desire for power dragged the whole continent of Europe into war because of his imperialist ambitions.
Invaded and conquered almost all European nations including Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, and Poland.
Tried to invade one of the strongest nations in Europe, Great Britain.
Tried invading the vast, environmentally-harsh lands of Russia. Although his journey there was not too bad for him and his army, his experience there during battle was hell as well as his way out.
Since he couldn’t defeat the British Royal Navy blockading the borders of France’s trade routes, The Continental System was made so that all lands that Napoleon conquered or allied with would have to cut off any trade or import with Britain.
Applied strict laws and rule sets throughout France’s government and church
Napoleon lost the land that the church lost to the National Assembly, but then the N.A was not returned to the church. Decided by Napoleon
Literally would conquer territories when the time is right. And wanted constant rule and power for life.
Any possible threat to his rule was executed under the jurisdiction of Napoleon.]
Backtracked the ways of the French philosophes (equality; women right)
Napoleon Bonaparte I, sovereign ruler of France, was also a major tyrant as well. Napoleon’s intention during his reign was to make the French Republic (France) the leading nation of Europe. Though Great Britain was far more superior in terms of mercantilism and their navy, Napoleon somehow benefited France and it’s military by seizing harsh regulations amongst the French government and church in order to fund his military. His belligerent personality itself is one benefactor as oppose to him being a tyrant. Not only did he want power for himself, but he ruled without the consent of the people and literally crowned himself emperor.\

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