Essay on families

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Question # 3: How does social pressure affect the family?

Social Pressure can affect the family in many different ways it can affect you and your family in a both negative and positive way. There are many types of social pressure that is affecting our society today, Things what mainly because social pressure today is unemployment, finance and domestic issues. Modern families face both internal and external social problems because they don’t understand how each family member feels about some issues in there communication with others in their day-to-day life, this can really help nuclear families with social pressure if family members start understanding and giving them a positive support.

Adoptions are one of the causes of social pressure because some children who are adopted need positive support from their parents and extended family to make sure that they understand the situations they’re going through.

Teenage pregnancy can be a difficult social pressure for any family in the world to face. The teenager and her family will have to go through many decisions whether to keep the baby, have and abortion or give the child up for adoption when the child is born .Parents should always encourage their child to have safe sex if there have se as a teenager and make sure they know what their responsibility would be when they have a child to prevent social pressure.

Underage drinking and the media are some of the main causes of social pressure in the world today. Even though persons in the family do not know the child is drinking alcohol at a young age parents should always check and see what their child is really up to .The media causes social pressure in many ways it consists of television, music, content suitable for mature people. I think that all families especially