Family Affairs Essay

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Jack Rabit
English 100

“Family Affair”

Recently a family member asked if they could come and live with my daughters and I for a couple of weeks. When you’re use to living alone it’s hard to picture letting someone invading your private space. I considered the advantages and disadvantages of having a family member live with me. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a difficult person to live with. For one thing I love a clean house. I like everything to be in it’s own proper place. I feel like a family member might not respect my wishes. I remember that I took a family member in before and it was a nightmare from hell. She thought that I was supposed to clean up behind her and she never help with any of the household expenses. I had to tell her to clean her room and that made me a bit uncomfortable because you would figure that a grown woman knows better. However, having a family member stay with me for a few weeks would mean saving money on daycare and after school care.
I would feel more at ease knowing that my daughters were in the care of a trusted family member. My daughters would be in the comfort of their own safe home environment. I feel knowing that my daughters were at home with a family member; I would be able to concentrate better in my college classes. The girls would be more relaxed and playful with a family member at home. On the other hand, I wouldn’t walk around the house in hardly anything anymore because a family member is staying with me.…