Family Analysis Research Design Worksheet

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SOC 205: The Sociology of Marriage & Family
Ms. Bremenstuhl
Due: Tuesday, April 7th, beginning of class, typewritten hard copy

Family Analysis Research Design Worksheet

This worksheet is designed to help you begin your research. The more critical thinking you put into this stage, the easier your later analysis and essay writing will be. Answers to all questions should be typed in a separate document and submitted by the due date above.

1. What is the general topic you would like to explore in your family research? Gender roles inside the family

2. What course concepts are relevant to this topic (list at least three)?

3. List the resources (textbook, articles, videos, etc.) that would be relevant in your analysis. Gender Construction & Socialization

4. What are the pros and cons of the research methods you will be using in this assignment (in-depth interview)?

5. How might bias influence your data collection and/or analysis? What efforts will you take to reduce/eliminate this bias? Try not to let them know what I’m doing the assignment for so they can be honest

6. Create a list of at least 10 interview questions. These should be “probing questions” designed to get your subject to open up and provide you with as much information as possible related to your research question. Questions should target the concepts listed above, while keeping in mind your respondents will not themselves be familiar with these terms. These questions will become your “Interview Schedule” – a list of questions to guide you through your interview(s).

1. What is Gender?
A. gender is defined by the sex of a person.
B. Gender is based upon you’re the biological private area characteristics.
C. The sexual private parts that you were born with.+

2. Who has an easier life, boys or girls? Why?

A. Neither boy nor girl has an easier life anybody can have a hard life or be discriminated against. It may not just happen at the same time. Men were given the punishment not to understand women, and women were given the punishment of the pain of giving birth. & both those are really hard.

B. I think boys and girls have it equal. I'm a girl but I guarantee you 80% of the time boys are going to say they have a harder life and girls are going to say they have a harder life.. Each gender has their own problems. Just cause girls get periods and give birth does not make their life harder. If the husband and wife divorce most of the time the male gets kicked out and has to find a new home while the woman keeps the home. (And the money.).
C. Both have an easier are hard life at times it all depends oon how you carry yourself.

3. Who does the dishes? Cook dinner? Disciplined kids? Keep the family together? How do these roles affect your family?

A. My mom and I do the dishes, cook dinner, discipline the kids but she keeps the family together. These roles did affect my family I grew up without my dad so my mom had to take on that responsibility of being both my mom and dad and it’s been that way since I could remember.

B. Ideally, the women are supposed to do the daily chores around the house and are supposed to keep the family together and be the backbone. These roles really don’t affect my family because that’s how it was for generations in my family. The women are to handle all of the house duties while the men are supposed to take care of financial responsibilities.

C. In my household my mom does the dishes but it shouldn’t matter male or female. It affects my family because sometimes my mom comes home tired and she has no one to help her

4. How do you feel about stay at home mothers?

A. I would not enjoy being a stay at home mom, because just like men I would like to be in control of my own life. I don’t want my spouse to feel that he has power over me because he’s the one bringing in the money.

B. I feel that a stay home mother is strong all the criticism that she gets from people thinking that she’s lazy and don’t