Family and Aunt Meda Essay

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Max Pugh
Mr. Hatcher
A Sister’s Betrayal My grandmother and her sisters have always been close. Ever since I can remember I’ve heard stories about how they did everything together. Even when they disagreed they made sure that they worked it out because they loved each other so much. It was the kind of love every family hoped for. That bond fell apart when my Aunt Jean made a terrible move that would hurt the entire family. “I can’t believe she would do this,” I had just walked into my mother’s room. She was on the phone and I could tell she was upset. “I mean after all we’ve done for her, to do this to us; her family. Alright I’ll call you later.” After she took a second to calm down she told me that that was my grandma, and that in short my Aunt Jean had stolen from the family. At first I didn’t quite understand because as far as I knew we didn’t have a family account or anything to that affect, but when she explained I realized the magnitude of what happened. My great-grandmother and great-grandfather had eight children, four boys and four girls. My great-grandfather supported his family with a hauling business. They purchased a two bed room house and eventually added a wing with two more bedrooms and a bathroom. My great-grandfather was able to pay off the house before he retired. This house was the meeting place for the family. You could sit a “Grandma’s House” and see most of the family on any given day. When my great-grandparents died they left their home to all eight of their children.
My great-grandmother died in September of 1999 and six months later in February of 2000 my great-grandfather passed. At the time of their deaths my Aunt Meda had been staying at the house to take care of my great-granddaddy and great grandmother. My Uncle Bobby moved in a few months later because he had had a stroke and needed minor assistance. Meda made sure he ate and took his medicine. The house continued to be the meeting place for the annual trip to Fort Lauderdale.
My Aunt Jean invited my grandmother and my family to her new house in Sylvania, Georgia. We were told that they were still putting the finishing touches on the house. Now this house was no regular house, it was 6000sq ft., five bedrooms each with its own bathroom, dining room and formal living room with a wall of windows that was 16 feet tall. The house had a library with a mahogany panel roof there were granite counter tops and floors everywhere except the bedrooms. My Aunt also had bidet in the master bathroom which was the size of a bedroom itself. The house itself sat on several acres which included a 5 acre pond. My aunt and her boyfriend owned about an acre of land on the other side of the pond that housed a large barn. While they were waiting for the house to be completed my aunt and her