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Title:_________ Author:______ Fact:__ 1.(Protagonist) Gregor Samsa was a accepting and adaptable character, who just went along with what life presented in front of him. He was the protagonist in the story. 2.(Antagonist) Mr. Samsa was the antagonist in the story, and the father of Gregor. He was a very hard working man, yet a cruel father to Gregor. After his business failed, Mr. Samsa lost hope and stopped working. 3.(Supporting Character) Grete Samsa was a very caring sister to Gregor, and started working to provide financial aid to her family. 4.(Supporting Character) Mrs. Samsa, who fainted when she saw her own son as an insect, was a very feeble mother. The family's apartment is where the story takes place. Gregor is confined to his room after his transformation, and his room is pretty small. The other rooms are isolated from the outside world except Gregor's. The other setting is when the family take a trip to the open countryside. This shows them going from a confined apartment to a open space. The trip shows their freedom from Gregor. Gregor woke up one morning, and he saw his transformation into an insect. He got worried about losing his job and felt disgusted with himself. His office manager and family were shocked by his appearance. His father attacked him and locked him in his room. Grete started taking care of her brother, and their parents were worried about the financial problems. Gregor came out of his room one day, but only to be attacked by his father. When he was attacked, an apple stuck to his back and created a severe injury. The next evening, Grete played the violin for the boarders who lived in the apartment, and Gregor escaped from his room to listen. The boarders saw Gregor and moved out of the apartment, which caused more financial problems. Gregor heard his family wanting him to leave, so he decided to get rid of himself. The family found him dead in his room, so they celebrated by visiting the country side for an outing. There is a picture of a woman wearing different fur clothing in Gregor's room. He wants to keep the picture, and it symbolizes his former humanity. It keeps him attached to his past because he made the frame himself. The fur shows a sort of comfort and warmth, something Gregor