Family and Cosmopolitan Role Model Essay

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Essay #1: Reunion

In the story, Cheever uses multiple styles and devices to portray the message he is trying to get across, the way he presents the information allows the reader to experience and internalize the conflict which is unfolding. The hastiness the author conveys through attitude and dialog, exfoliate the torn and distant relationship between the father and son. The quick and jester dialog in which the author uses to paint his story, allows the characters to become apparent to the reader, we see that the father is an outspoken and somewhat obnoxious individual, which contrasts to the son, who is passionately reserved. Throughout the story, we see the fathers’ behavior dictating his character; with each unsuccessful attempt to get service, the father addresses the waiters in an unfit manor. Bolstering them with commands and disrespect, we see that he is no where near a cosmopolitan role model. Rather, his attitude reflects one that of a child, allowing the reader to see his immature and sophomoric character. On the other hand, the sons character is harder to diagnose, due to his lack of charisma is the dialog, it is apparent that Cheever articulated it in this fashion to give the reader more of a personal perspective in the father/son relationship. In that case, the boy is the flat character. (Citation (from text)) In the text we see that the son has a longing for a father figure, the absence of one leads him to believe that he is doomed like his father, insinuating that he puts a negative connotation towards men and or fathers. The dialog