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Everyone in the world has a place that they call "home". It's the place where you are most comfortable. All of your surroundings become a daily routine like the people around you, the roads you drive on, and the daily activities. The most influential people in your lives would have to be your family and friends. Normally, everyone will find at least one best friend. The more friends you have grants you more experience in communication with other people. How would you describe yourself? For the past few years, I have been at a "stand still" trying to figure out my place in life. Recently, I have taken into consideration my abilities, limitations, and motivations to find the answer. The most important factors to figuring out who you are. The worst part about them is that you don't really know what they are. My hobbies and interests include video games, sports, and hanging out with my friends. Some people act different around different people compared to when they are with just you. I never understood why people did that. You are still the same person, no matter what it may seem like on the outside. The way I act around new people is that I treat them the same way as I would treat any of my friends. I make jokes or do something that would make them feel unakward. This comes from the philosophy of sociocultural theory. Everybody in the world has a story about where they spent their childhood. I believe that a person's childhoof is the most influentual part of their lives. I feel that a person's childhood is where their personality gets molded. The place that molded me the most was Stafford, Virginia. It's where I've lived for most of my life. I wouldn't change the way Stafford has created the person I like to call me. My major strength or trait is that I've got bold nature and consider that to be my positive quality because, what sort of person would I be if I haven't got guts to stand my ground and express what I feel. As I've already described myself as a fan of sports, I consider my second idiosyncrasy as an sports fanatic. In this case, I mean to say when I see things, a sort of music runs through my head and in my mind all the creative juices flow and lead me to do things in my own way. Simply I do things on simplest and in the way I like. Which I think is a good attribute of mine. Next, like a true sports fan, I never give up. If I am On the contrary, I still have lots of weaknesses that I would have to work on very hard to improve myself to being closer to a perfect human being. In my opinion, the dominant weakness that I've got is that I'm a quick tempered boy. This attitude has placed me in lots of trouble multiple times. In high school, I would get into fights or end up in detention for my attitude. My other weakness that needs serious improvement is my lack of patience. Patience is something that really bugged me for so many years that I would like to work on. It has very much hindered my achievement. If I am absolutely determined to do something then there is nothing that will stop me from doing it. I would complete it regardless the circumstances. There have been a lot of different events that have shaped me into who I am. One example would be when I almost died in third grade. I was at a hotel in Crystal City visiting my step dad. My brother and I were waiting in the lobby with my grandmother while my mom went to get my stepdad. I ran through a 18 foot tall