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Ashlyn was the best sister you could ask for. When we were little she would go out of her way to keep us happy. I know she didn't always want to play with us but she did because she loved us. There wasn't a sweeter sister then Ashlyn and she will be sorely missed. When we were growing up I thought she was the coolest thing in the world. I wanted to be just like her and would cry when she wouldn't let me go out with her friends. When she came home if I was still up she would read me a bedtime story. A lot of big sisters wouldn’t do that for their little siblings, but she did. We were lucky to have such a giving sister who believed that spending time with family was important.
As we are gathered here trying to make sense of her passing I am reminded of happy memories with her and our family. There were many family trips to the beach where we drove mom and dad crazy fighting in the back seat. Dad would also threaten to turn around and take us home so we would pout for the rest of the drive. One year we didn’t get to go to the beach and we were so upset. But Ashlyn decided to bring the beach to us. She filled up the kiddie pool, drug it next to the sand box and bounced in the water to create waves. She was creative like that.
Ashlyn carried her ability to make the best out of any situation into adulthood, and everyone loved her. She was truly a caring person and I know a piece of me will always be missing now that she is gone. Ashlyn never met a stranger and believed the best of all people until they proved her wrong. She had a great big heart, and enough love for everyone. Her passion for children