Family and Household Chores Essay

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I will use our home to answer this scenario. I am married to a wonderful woman and we raise our two four-legged children with fur. Our roles have definitely changed from the family generations before us.
My wife does not have any job or responsibility in the home that is solely hers. We share the responsibilities as partners on a team. Where we are often on different shifts, household chores and duties are done by whoever is free when they need to be done.
We both work two jobs where one of our jobs together often takes either one or both of us out town for two-three days. Our main jobs hours vary as we are both on rotating shifts so it is important that we communicate well and we let each other know what tasks we are going to complete and what tasks need to be passed to the other person.
We share the responsibilities of the home. We both make decisions for our home. We have a rule that any large purchases or expenditures have to be discussed between us. Daily bills we usually split between our paydays so one of us will not bear the brunt of household bills.
My wife is more of a nurturer than I am. I do not handle children that well. I have been told I am “growly” when it comes to children. The only time that a child gets my full attention is if they are a patient in my ambulance.
The roles of the family have greatly changed from my parents and grandparents. My parents roles we that my father was the breadwinner, responsible for bringing home the