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Quest for identity
Alex Franklin
Mrs. Miller 8th period
Be prepared for an amazing paper! The topic I choose was the quest for identity because the whole story he’s trying to find himself and doesn’t know who he is. He marries his mom and kills his dad and fulfills his prophecy that says he will marry his mother and kill his father.
Oedipus had a tough life from his prophecy it shows how cruel the Greek “gods” were. The prophecy said that he would marry his mother and kill his father. He tried very hard not to make the prophecy come true. He did the exact opposite he failed. He killed his father not knowing it was true. He answered a question for the Spink to get his mother’s hand in marriage not knowing it was her. The consequences were severe. When Oedipus found out what he did he stabbed his eyes out. When his mother found out she hung herself. Now moving to paragraph 3.
The background of Oedipus. Oedipus was left to die on a mountain by his parents as a boy, (King Laius, and Queen Jocasta). He was left for the dead. King Polybus took him in and made him his son. He would kill polybus and get the thrown. Oedipus’s life after the prophecy came true was tragic. He had two sons Eteocles and policies. Oedipus wondered to Athens to live. The life of his sons ended badly. They shared the thrown for a year at a time. Polynices tried to overtake the thrown and both of them died.
Oedipus had a depressing life. Oedipus received a prophecy at birth and it