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Hook, Line, and Sink Her Just a corpse remains, with no definite answers. Months of trial gave no answer to the biggest question of the entire summer, how did Caylee Anthony die? Was one of her mother’s tales the truth, or just a ramble of lies to cover up murder? The jury said they still had a reasonable doubt of Casey’s innocence, that the prosecution couldn’t prove a cause of death. If the prosecution wouldn’t have overlooked one piece of evidence, or even went for less of a charge, Casey would have been sentenced. Casey Anthony is guilty for the murder of her daughter Caylee Anthony. Cindy Anthony, grandmother of Caylee Anthony and mother of Casey Anthony, called 911 three times on the morning of June 15,2008 according to Stephen Loiaconi from (Loiaconi). Loiaconi writes that on the sixth day of Casey Anthony’s murder trial her mother, Cindy Anthony, gave a very emotional testimony. Loiaconi also reports that Cindy posted on her MySpace page on June 3, 2008 saying, “Caylee is missing”. Cindy was missing her granddaughter and Casey was keeping her away from her. “When asked where she was, Casey allegedly told her a fabricated story about visiting an ex-boyfriend, Jeff Hopkins, in Jacksonville and rekindling their relationship” (Loiaconi). At the time this was still and expression, Cindy did not know the girl actually wasn’t with Casey. “Though Cindy did back off slightly from questioning where Casey was every day, she continued to text her and attempt to speak to Caylee” (Loiaconi). Cindy has a big surprise for her when Casey came back from Jacksonville, she never expected the next step. Loiaconi writes, “A long string of witnesses who testified last week confirmed that Casey Anthony was in the Orlando area during that whole period and never gave any indication that her daughter was missing. Also…While Jeff Hopkins does exist, he was not in any contact with Casey at the time” (Loiaconi). “Cindy Anthony’s testimony then turned to picking up Casey’s Pontiac Sunfire from the wrecking yard on July 15, 2008” (Loiaconi). Loiaconi also writes that when Cindy heard the car was in Orlando for weeks she wanted an explanation, Casey never gave her one. Cindy said, “It smelled like something had died in the car” (qtd. in Loiaconi). Loiaconi notes that Cindy fought tears as she talked about Caylee’s favorite doll that was in the car seat in the backseat. “Sitting right where Caylee would have sat” (qtd. in Loiaconi). Cindy said the doll had the same smell as the car, so she cleaned the doll with Clorox wipes and sprayed it with Febreze; she also sprayed the car with Febreze (Loiaconi). Casey said she knew where Caylee was, but kept saying it was a bad idea going to get her (Loiaconi). “After driving around with Casey refusing to answer question about Caylee or about why the car had been towed, Cindy grew frustrated and pulled into a police substation parking lot” (Loiaconi). “The station was closed, but she warned Casey it was her last chance to explain before she called 911” (Loiaconi). Casey told Cindy that Caylee was at her nannies house already asleep, saying it was a bad idea to go and wake her, this forced Cindy to call the authorities (Loiaconi). Casey told her mother that Caylee had been missing for thirty – one days and her nanny, Zenaida Fernandez – Gonzalez, has taken her (Loiaconi). Normal mothers wouldn’t take a month to notice or say something about her daughter missing. Three days after her arrest Casey angrily called her mom saying she say her on TV saying she didn’t know if Casey was involved (Loiaconi). “I don’t know what your involvement is, sweetheart,” Cindy told her, begging her to reveal where Caylee was (qtd. in Loiaconi). Casey’s brother, Lee Anthony, said he smelled a “potent” and “very strong” odor in Casey’s sunfire while it sat in the garage of their home (International Business Times, Casey Anthony Trial: Brother…