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The Giver

1. When do you think the novel is set? Give reasons.
I think this novel is set in the future after possible disasters, natural or manmade
2. What does it mean to be “released”? When are people released?
To be released is the worst punishment however a new child could be released if it does not meet its requirements and the old may be released as well
3. Explain the ritual of “feelings”
Feelings is after dinner and is when people shae their feelings around the dinner table and since you cannot lie I believe it may be quite embarrassing for some children
4. Make a list of milestones for a child in this community. E.g. first bike.
5. (This will continue throughout the novel).
Zip up jacket, comfort object, front buttoned jacket, pants with pockets and assignment
6. What is the Ceremony for the Ones?
A ceremony where ones are given family units so that they may be taken care of and they are given a name as well
7. How are children brought into a family?
After the ceremony of one they are transferred to a family unit from the nurturing center
8. Who is the “Receiver”?
A person who will receive the painful and happy memories of the past however receivers are very rare
9. What is the purpose of the “Assignment”?
To give a twelve a job that suits them that they will fulfill until they are put into the house of the old
10. Explain a “Comfort Object”
A comfort object is given to newborns that are “imaginary creatures” such as elephants which are not known in Jonas’ world

11. How is Jonas different to the rest of his community?
12. What are “Birthmothers?”
13. Explain how the Apple incident suggests something different about Jonas.

14. What dwellings exist in this community? Draw a map with the location of each.
15. What do we learn of the “Release” of the elderly?

16. Why do you think all citizens of the community must describe their dreams? Describe the details of Jonas’ dream.
17. What are the ‘stirrings’? How are they dealt with? Why?

Chapter 6-10 Questions
1. What did the family have to do in order for Gabriel to be allowed a second year of Nurturing?
2. What do you think was the difference between release and loss based on the way the community used these words?
3. Nines were given bicycles. What did that signify for them?

4. Why had Asher been punished for confusing the words “snack” and “smack”?
5. What set the Ceremony of Twelve apart from all other age ceremonies?
6. What was Jonas’ reaction to being overlooked during the ceremony?

7. Why did the community make the distinction between “selection” for Receiver of Memory and “Assignment” for all other occupations?
8. Name four qualifications that Jonas had for being the next Receiver of Memory. Explain each quality.

9. What did Asher’s hesitation in congratulating Jonas indicate?
10. What information did Jonas’ parents provide about the previous Giver?
11. Why was the concept of pain beyond Jonas’s comprehension?
12. Which item in the list of duties and responsibilities frightened Jonas? Why did this frighten him?

13. What was unique about the Annex? What reason is given for this difference?
14. What was unusual about the appearance of the Receiver of Memory? What was significant about this characteristic?
15. At first, why did Jonas misinterpret the Receiver’s job of transmitting memories of the past?

Sample essay question

The Giver warns of a society where rules are always followed and never questioned. Discuss.
(As you read the final 13 chapters, underline any quotes that are relevant to this topic)

1. Why was the transmittal of the memory of snow so exhausting to the old man? What does this reveal about the community?
2. What two lessons did Jonas learn about the sun?
3. Why did the Giver appear a little sad at the end of the first day of training?
4. What do you think is the most severe pain?
5. How did Jonas’s