Essay on Family and Palm Tree Shavings

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I begged my parents to move to California since my Grandpa passed away I want to move to California because he is buried there and I could visit him and my Grandma everyday. I wish and hope we visit them on Spring Break. My Parents are still deciding whether or not we should move to California Or Stay in Arizona because money is tight. But if we move I will leave all my friends but if I move to California I will be with all my family and make new friends and talk to some via Internet or Xbox. We got a house on the end of the street and it is black and red and I can see all of them through my bedroom window. And when I see sun set I see it go pink to red to black, then at night the sky is black as space I have a pool in my backyard but since it is winter I can’t go in the pool so that sucks but I have fallen in a couple of times. And believe me it wasn’t the best thing in the world and and all I tasted was salt and chlorine and now since it is summer I can finally go in but it is green as a lime and I have to wait for the pool man to get here to fix it and my pool is like a zoo for palm tree shavings Zip… is that Michael Phelps No it is my friend Austin he is the best swimmer in the world he seriously swims like lightning and