Analysis Of Shianne Chapin

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There are many kinds of heroes in the world, Crime Fighters, Do Gooders, Game Changers, Protectors of everything from children to trees. Shianne Chapin is a rare kind of hero, a Quiet Hero. Part school girl, part ninja Shianne can sneak by even the most attentive hall watcher with ease, and she looks stylish while doing it. Donning glasses, long dark hair and a light, colorful, style Shianne is one of the prettiest ninjas in Springfield Oregon. It is important to note that Shianne is not without fault, all her life she has struggled with reading as well as writing and often times Shianne has her mom read to her. However, despite this, Shianne has worked her way up to the most advanced English class and she is a most attentive student. Shianne also has the bad habit of procrastination and once had to stay up all night to bake a pie, a feat that would have crushed most heroes.
Shianne has not always been the strongest or the fastest but she has always had her family who work together like a well-oiled machine. Shianne’s mother take Shianne and her sister to school every day and her father works day in and day out as a manager at Denny’s and then the precious little off time he does get is spent with his two daughters, taking them out to movies or (the mall). The only relationship in the family that is unstable would be the one between her sister and Shianne herself. Shianne complains that her sister refuses to take showers and constantly throws fits to get what she wants. However Shianne herself has admitted that she has gone through the same stage. Despite how close and connected her family is our Hero has decided not to have one of her own but instead focus her energy on…