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Ye Hong
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Work Hard not always Achieve Success
People in this world should work hard for everything, and you should achieve success sometimes, this can be true and fair, but not always. There are some examples show sometimes you could not achieve success after you word hard, and sometimes you could. In the film ‘ Little Miss Sunshine ’. First, the father tries so hard to make his words publish into the book and then he can makes plenty of money, but he doesn’t make it at the end because he is not that famous like the other guy. Second, the son wants to go to Air Force, so he tries to be quiet all the time, but at last he could not achieve his goal because Air Force never accepts color blink, and actually he is. These two examples all show that sometimes you may not achieve success after you work hard. On the other hand, in the film, the grandfather is dead on their way to California, and also their car is broken too, but they never give up. The family tries to push the car to move and they even take the dead body of grandfather to California in order to finish Olive's dream, and they achieve it.
First, in the film ‘ Little Miss Sunshine ‘, the father always believes his words about winner and loser will write into the book, be published; therefore, he will earn a lot of money for his family. So e tries so hard to give a speech about his words, makes other people believe his words too, he also tries to make his words become perfect, and often HONG 2 give himself courage. He even use his words to teach his kids that winner is winner, and loser is loser forever. Although he tries all the things he could do, the result is he failed to be the number one in the United States, he doesn’t earn money because the other person tells him he is not famous, and people will not believe his opinion. This example shows the father really work hard for his goal, but he doesn’t achieve his success at last.
Second, the son in the film wants to go to Air Force to work, and he tries to be quiet all the time because it is one of the role in air force. He almost does everything he can do, although it is very extreme. At least his mother agrees that he can go to Air Force, but he must go to California with the family. He feels very happy, but his dream is broken when he knows