Essay on Family Arranged Marriages in India Versus Self-Arranged Marriages in the United States

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Family arranged marriages in India versus self-arranged marriages in the United States

Marriage has been defined in numerous terms by different cultures. The factors that play into creating a successful, happy marriage are viewed differently by people in different cultures. Family arranged marriage has been the tradition in Indian culture. Modernization, globalization, and urbanization have brought about the concept of self-arranged marriage from Western cultures, such as the United States. Despite these efforts, family arranged marriage still outnumbers marriages of love or self-arranged. According to Devika Chawla in her essay on Hindu arranged marriages, 95% of all Hindu marriages in India are still arranged (2007). Nice job of
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With these negotiating powers, these Indian women were able to find exactly what they were looking for. These results from Chawla’s study mostly shows the affects pre-arranged marriages have on the middle class. It is important to know that traditionally mostly high-class and middle class Indians practiced arranged marriages. Arranged marriages were seen as a way for these class and caste members to “protect their status” (Kodackal, 1998). Protecting status is not something valued by lower class members, but yet they practice arranged marriages because of the low divorce rates associated with this practice (Kodackal, 1998). Western society should learn to base its unions on criteria that will help the relationship be sustainable, like compatible educations, similar backgrounds and religious backgrounds. American culture should also welcome the help from its parents and elders, for these are the people who know that person best of all. American culture mostly bases its unions on love and companionship. Chawla states that in the contemporary West, many feel that the meaning of their lives is found in a romantic love relationship (Chawla, 2007).Since the author was mentioned you do not need to repeat the author in the citation. People can sometimes be so blinded by the notion of love and romance that they fail to realize that they may not be compatible with