Family Care Executive Summary

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XO, we (LT Rodriguez, CWO3 Mears and I) have been trying to get a hold of your CMC (CMDCM(SW/IW) Keith Wilkerson Jr.) without luck.
We have a Family Care Plan issue with AO3 Jennings and her daughter in which AO3 Jennings is in sea duty and facing a 7 month deployment on board CVN-75 within the next 48 days. AO3 Jennings has a child in common with AM3 Peterson. At this time, AO3 Jennings is unable to comply with her Family Care Plan due to no having anyone to take care of her daughter while she is on deployment. She has contacted AM3 Peterson and he has stated that he cannot take care of their daughter because he is also scheduled to deploy for 6 months during our deployment. We were able to verify his story and we discovered that he