Family Centred Care - Care for a Mother Suffering from Postnatal Depreesion Essay

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This report is a result of a case study whereby family centred care becomes the focus in the review of Emma's case. The report will cite issues surrounding Emma including her four year old daughter Lucy and the concern surrounding her development, together with issues such as a lack in family support and Emma's unfamiliarity and possible lack of knowledge of services within her community. With full assessment of Emma's case this report will outline care to be given including referrals and finally cite and describe two government strategies/programmes that have been implemented and may be of relevance to Emma's case.

Within this study Emma has expressed concern for her four year old daughter Lucy's development. In considering Lucy's
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As all mothers in NSW have access to screening and support services through local area health services, introducing Emma to such a program may provide her with access to services that support her parental wellbeing and enhance her parenting skills. A further description of this programme and its relevance to Emma's case will outline later in this report (NSW Health ,2009) Immunisations: As infants and young children are often susceptible hosts when it comes to infectious disease, 'nurses have an important role in health promotion role in reducing the transmission of infectious diseases through immunisation and education'... (London et al 2011, p1194) In Emma's case a history of any previous vaccinations and immunity status will need to be sought and information would be provided on what vaccines are recommended for her four year old daughter. The recommended vaccinations for that of a four year old child include Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio Measles, Mumps, Rubella (New South Wales Health, 2011). Furthermore Emma would be provided with information as to where and when she may like to have Lucy immunised, this may include within this setting, through a general practitioner or other qualified health professions such as an early childhood nurse. Emma would be provided with a Child Personal Health Record to enable