Family Counterculture Summary

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Battling Media
Parents have always struggled with saying “no” to their children, but as time has gone on, it has gotten harder due to the rising number of ads. Children have so many outlets to see ads on today. Kids enter act on the internet more than ever, such as search engines and websites that re-target the things they view into ads to the websites they visit most. The items they were looking at are constantly in their faces, making kids want them more. In a very informative essay called “Family Counterculture”, Ellen Goodman informs the reader of the culture that people live in today and all of the things there are to say “no” to now. According to Ellen, parents are having to battle the culture of the media to earn respect from others, to not have to take responsibility for what the unhealthy and vulgar things the media projects towards their children. Parents say “no” to sweets and unhealthy food more often today because the mainstream culture has become such a big part of their children’s lives.

It seems today that there are fast food restaurants on almost every corner, making it so easy to grab a quick snack or dinner for
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Parents must practically learn a new language in order to protect their kids. They have to learn about apps, cell phone features, and websites. Thanks to all the different types of media, “‘parental responsibility’ is increasing in directs proportion to the irresponsibility of the market places.” (Goodman para. 7) In order to counter the irresponsibility of the market place, parents should limit their child’s internet and T.V. time because, “the media have become the mainstream culture in children’s lives.” (Goodman para. 11) Parents struggle to be heard, they also struggle to spend quality time their children because that time is taken up by them and their children trying to keep up with the media on different